Can Copywriters and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Peacefully Coexist?

ai copy generator

When it was first suggested I use Artificial Intelligence to create some of our content, I was shocked. All jobs in the twenty-first-century marketplace are under threat from automation and machine learning, but a little agency like Ingeniums? I had read the Guardian article written by an AI, which used machine learning and internet crawlers […]

How to Publish an Article in WordPress

Your content marketing strategy is written, you’ve put together your first blog post, and now you’re ready to get it on your website. If you use WordPress to host your business website, posting an article couldn’t be easier. WordPress started as a blogging site in 2003, so they’ve had almost 20 years to perfect the […]

How To Write A Brief for Truly Creative Content

Every article and series we publish starts with a content brief. Knowing how to write a brief is essential to getting the best out of your content. This is a skill which will help editors, marketers and creatives themselves, saving time and streamlining content creation. ‘Brief-writing is the unsung art of content marketing’ – Doug […]

New, Creative Content Marketing for 2021: Introducing Ingeniums

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Ingeniums is a creative content marketing agency based in Birmingham. Get your brand noticed and draw traffic to your website with our innovations in content. What is an Ingenium? ingenium (noun, Latin, 2nd declension) character natural disposition/capacity nature, innate quality talent We are Ingeniums (or ingenia, for the putidus among us), which means we are […]

Growing Original Ideas in a Digital Garden

Digital Gardens are places to incubate your original ideas

When I first heard the phrase ‘digital garden’ in August 2020, I imagined a beautiful webpage with carefully cultivated, animated flowers. How wrong I was. Digital gardening, also known as ‘evergreen note-taking’, is more creative, more cognitive and far less high-tech. A digital garden is somewhere to cultivate original ideas and, if you choose, share […]

How to Create Great Content Marketing Ideas (The Holistic Way)

You’ve discovered the wonders of content marketing! Even better, you’ve done some research and found out how it works together with SEO. You’ve read some fantastic articles about lead generation and creating article series, and you’re ready to put all that knowledge to use. Your business can benefit from this marketing technique and you’re ready […]

How to Build an Effective Online Community

Building an Online Community can help focus your audience

Whether you use Facebook, YouTube or Reddit, you probably already know the feeling of being part of an online community. You may follow a particular celebrity, football team or an influencer, or have an intense interest in a TV show: the people you share your fandom with online are a community. Businesses are waking up […]

How to Reach Your Target Audience with SEO Marketing

SEO marketing tips from a content marketing agency

In the last 5 years, digital marketing has moved on from simply having a website and setting up some pages on social media platforms. With such a high concentration of web content in every industry, it’s not enough just to be online. For consumers to find you, your brand needs to be at the top […]