New, Creative Content Marketing for 2021: Introducing Ingeniums

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Ingeniums is a creative content marketing agency based in Birmingham. Get your brand noticed and draw traffic to your website with our innovations in content. What is an Ingenium? ingenium (noun, Latin, 2nd declension) character natural disposition/capacity nature, innate quality talent We are Ingeniums (or ingenia, for the putidus among us), which means we are […]

10 Proven Ways to Get Traffic to Your Website with Content Marketing in 2021

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Content marketing isn’t just writing words and passively waiting for interested readers to happen across your website. The best content marketing techniques actively attract website visitors, as well as providing valuable, engaging information. Pretty good, isn’t it?! In this article, we show you the latest, free, methods to get traffic to your website with content […]

How the Ingeniums Overcome Content Saturation

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In 2014, marketing entrepreneur and professor, Mark Schaefer, coined the term ‘Content Shock’. In his ground-breaking article, he made a radical claim: that content marketing would soon become far less effective. While the demand for content has flatlined, content creation is exponentially increasing. This explosion of content leads to content saturation, where sections of the […]

How our Content Marketing Agency Sparks Creativity

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We are Ingeniums, a creative content marketing agency located in the heart of England’s second city, Birmingham. We dream up imaginative narratives and slick strategies that connect our clients to their target audience. For us, impactful content marketing involves much more than satisfying keyword metrics and search engine algorithms. To truly garner trust in your […]

Why Use a Content Marketing Agency?

In this article, we discuss what a content marketing agency does, why and when you should use one and how to pick the right agency for you. What your business says and when and how you say it, is the foundation upon which all other marketing success is built. Here’s a quick rundown of the […]

What Is Content Marketing, Anyway?

Content marketing improves organic traffic

Creativity and Information First In 2021, we consume more content online than ever before. Digital marketing is adapting to this, targeting audiences through search engine results pages with branded blog posts, articles and other content types. Cost-effective, customer-focused and highly impactful, targeted content should be on every marketer’s radar. In this article, we explain the […]