10 Proven Ways to Get Traffic to Your Website with Content Marketing in 2021

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Content marketing isn’t just writing words and passively waiting for interested readers to happen across your website. The best content marketing techniques actively attract website visitors, as well as providing valuable, engaging information. Pretty good, isn’t it?! In this article, we show you the latest, free, methods to get traffic to your website with content […]

How to Create Great Content Marketing Ideas (The Holistic Way)

You’ve discovered the wonders of content marketing! Even better, you’ve done some research and found out how it works together with SEO. You’ve read some fantastic articles about lead generation and creating article series, and you’re ready to put all that knowledge to use. Your business can benefit from this marketing technique and you’re ready […]

How to Improve SEO With Yoast

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Search engines are increasingly driving the digital economy. Almost 93% of all web traffic comes from search engines. Globally, Google accounts for 76% of all desktop search traffic and 86% of mobile. To tap into these lucrative reserves, you will need to optimise your website and content for search engine algorithms. Learning how to improve […]

How to Reach Your Target Audience with SEO Marketing

SEO marketing tips from a content marketing agency

In the last 5 years, digital marketing has moved on from simply having a website and setting up some pages on social media platforms. With such a high concentration of web content in every industry, it’s not enough just to be online. For consumers to find you, your brand needs to be at the top […]

Why Use a Content Marketing Agency?

In this article, we discuss what a content marketing agency does, why and when you should use one and how to pick the right agency for you. What your business says and when and how you say it, is the foundation upon which all other marketing success is built. Here’s a quick rundown of the […]

How to Write an Article Series?

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Quality articles are one of the best ways to attract unique visitors to your website, improve your search engine rankings, and massively increase your online reach. Therefore, it stands to reason that a complete article series is the holy grail of content marketing. What’s not to love about delivering fresh, interconnected content that makes your […]

What Is Content Marketing, Anyway?

Content marketing improves organic traffic

Creativity and Information First In 2021, we consume more content online than ever before. Digital marketing is adapting to this, targeting audiences through search engine results pages with branded blog posts, articles and other content types. Cost-effective, customer-focused and highly impactful, targeted content should be on every marketer’s radar. In this article, we explain the […]