Finding Content Opportunities: How to do Keyword Research

how to do keyword research

To formulate a successful content marketing strategy, coming up with unique concepts and mind-blowing articles will only get your business so far. There is a science behind the creativity that’s equally important and makes sure your content is seen by your target audience. Finding content gaps and taking full advantage of the opportunities they provide […]

10 Proven Ways to Get Traffic to Your Website with Content Marketing in 2021

get traffic to your website

Content marketing isn’t just writing words and passively waiting for interested readers to happen across your website. The best content marketing techniques actively attract website visitors, as well as providing valuable, engaging information. Pretty good, isn’t it?! In this article, we show you the latest, free, methods to get traffic to your website with content […]

How to Reach Your Target Audience with SEO Marketing

SEO marketing tips from a content marketing agency

In the last 5 years, digital marketing has moved on from simply having a website and setting up some pages on social media platforms. With such a high concentration of web content in every industry, it’s not enough just to be online. For consumers to find you, your brand needs to be at the top […]