What does Ingeniums mean?

ingenium (noun, Latin, 2nd declension)

  1. character
  2. natural disposition/capacity
  3. nature, innate quality
  4. talent

As Ingeniums, (or ingenia, in Latin) we are a team with a natural capacity for invention and a talent for creation.

Our Mission

We create original content for you, so that your target audience is engaged, entertained, and inspired. Our team of creatives tailor content to your brand’s personality, placing your values front and centre to reach the ideal consumer through organic interest.
Ingeniums Mission

Our Values


Innovative, creating original content, looking for fresh approaches to keep audiences coming back.


Influential, using our work to shape the conversation in our clients’ industries. We believe in collaborating with clients to bring our diverse perspectives together.


Invested in creating pieces that succeed. We check our results to be sure we’re as good as we say.


Integrated in clients’ campaigns, maximising the potential of multimedia marketing through bespoke content.

We Should Work Together