New, Creative Content Marketing for 2021: Introducing Ingeniums

Posted On: 10 December 2020
Author: Alice
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Ingeniums is a creative content marketing agency based in Birmingham. Get your brand noticed and draw traffic to your website with our innovations in content.

What is an Ingenium?

ingenium (noun, Latin, 2nd declension)

  1. character
  2. natural disposition/capacity
  3. nature, innate quality
  4. talent

We are Ingeniums (or ingenia, for the putidus among us), which means we are creatives with character, talent and a natural capacity for invention. 

We’re copywriters, data analysts, SEO enthusiasts and keyword specialists. We’re social media and marketing experts, and we’re a growing team.

Our company structure is built on connection. We don’t have multiple, dispersed departments or a faceless corporate persona. It’s just us. 

That means we’re deeply invested in the quality of our work. We don’t get a brief from somewhere intangible, draft an article and pass it off into the ether, for some other team to publish. 

We carry our content all the way from inspiration to publication.  Our team members develop a deep understanding of each facet of the content marketing process.

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A History of Ingeniums

In its embryonic state, Ingeniums resided within our sister agency, KIJO.

KIJO specialises in bespoke website, app and brand design. Until recently, KIJO also offered content marketing to support clients’ new online presence. 

We were writing for people who had come to KIJO for digital design. So they hadn’t set out looking for content, didn’t necessarily know what to expect.

Content marketing is brilliant, adaptable and focuses on the customer. To businesses looking for creative content, we were invisible.

In August 2020, we had an opportunity to become an agency in our own right. We became a member of Thompson and Thompson Group, and KIJO became our first client.

Starting a new venture in 2020 should have been terrifying, with the COVID-19 pandemic creating uncertain futures and restricted lives. But it didn’t feel that way.

The only certainty we had during the pandemic was that traditional methods would be out of reach. We couldn’t have endless brainstorming sessions around the white-board, nor rely on a wall of post-its to track projects.

Instead, we learnt to collaborate remotely, to have efficient and productive meetings online and to manifest our desires for a post-lockdown world in our work.

creative content marketing

Ingeniums is brand new, just like everything else in the working world of 2020. We’ve built our agency to work as a hybrid workforce, spread across home and office because we’ve had to collaborate while staying apart. And we’ve been free to experiment and find a new approach: creative content marketing.

Four months in, we’ve brought organic traffic to our clients already. Because of this, we know we’re ready to continue growing into the next normal in 2021.

A Culture of Creativity and Collaboration

Our company culture is about understanding each other. We aim to communicate well about what can and can’t be done. By staying flexible in our expectations of each other, we support our colleagues where we can.

We’ve designed our internal systems to actively encourage creative thinking and problem-solving. We talk to each other about every project, collaborating to share our varied expertise and bring nuanced ideas together.

When we talk to clients, our focus is on them and their customers. If marketing is attracting and persuading customers, content marketing is serving them. As content marketers, we look at your target market, analyse what problems they’re having and what kinds of solutions they look for online, then create content to meet that need. 

As an agency, we treat our clients with the same care. We talk with you about your business and design tailored solutions, with content series, SEO, social campaigns and PR.

Our Agency Values

At Ingeniums, we pride ourselves on being:

Innovative, creating original content, looking for fresh approaches to keep audiences coming back.

Influential, using our work to shape the conversation in our clients’ industries. We believe in collaborating with clients to bring our diverse perspectives together.

Invested in creating pieces that succeed. We continually analyse content performance, to make sure you meet your goals.

Integrated in clients’ campaigns, maximising the potential of multimedia marketing through bespoke content.

But How Does Content Marketing Work?

Business is about creating customers, not just finding them.

We design our original content to engage, entertain and inspire our clients’ target markets. We start by researching the keywords specific to your industry, turning content gaps into opportunities for new perspectives.

To help build your brand, our articles use a voice and style tailored to your projected personality, which means placing your values first and showcasing your industry expertise.

We make regular posts by organising articles in series, and we edit rigorously to make them strong resources for your audience. Then, all of it is search engine optimised using targeted keywords.

Finally, we use Digital PR, launching your content sky-high with email lists, social media, third-party publications and PPC advertising.

creative content marketing

All of this builds an audience into a community of followers who feel connected to your brand.

That’s how it works. Because people search for information, not products, your website needs to provide for people finding out about your industry. Content marketing creates customers from internet users who are looking for a solution to a problem. 

The Content Consumer Journey: an Example

Type in ‘how to be eco friendly’ into a search engine.

At the time of writing this article, the first result on Google is an article from, called ‘The Ultimate 20 Step Guide to Eco-friendly Living’. 

This article gains a 20% share of users searching this keyphrase, increasing organic traffic to the website by an average of 1700 each month. 

Even without being a direct advert for the company, the article attracts potential eco-friendly energy customers directly to the website of an eco-friendly energy company before they even knew they needed one. The customer journey is streamlined, introducing people to the brand early on in a positive, helpful way.

Build your Brand with Creative Content Marketing

By publishing content that provides a creative solution, an interesting viewpoint or a beautiful lift to somebody’s day, you create positive associations with your brand. If your visitors are also in the market for your product, they are more likely to convert from interest to sale, due to the brand affinity built by this content. Even if they’re not looking right now, they know your brand as a trustworthy company when they do start . High-quality content makes you meaningful and memorable to potential customers before they even know what you make.

How SEO and Content Marketing Work Together

seo content marketing

This all works because our content increases your search ranking. We have a proven track record of bringing companies to the coveted top spot, which is the first result for their targeted keywords.

By peppering the content with keywords and phrases relevant to your target customers, and structuring it with algorithms in mind, we can increase your Google ranking, pulling you closer to your ideal customer.

What else do we do?

As a content marketing agency, we are specialists. We don’t do web design and content on the side. Our content is not the upsell offering of a generalised marketing agency. We invest our time in creating high-quality articles for your business website.

The Bottom Line: What You Get

At Ingeniums, we work on a monthly schedule to produce regular content for your business. This is because regular uploads maintain your Google rankings. 

We operate on retainer, which means that for a monthly fee, you receive an agreed quantity of content, ranging from 1 to 4 articles each month. This could be monthly industry insights for your company blog or weekly how to’s for your product users. 

Articles and Blogs

We create regular, high-quality articles. A range of styles, including how-to’s, industry updates and opinion pieces, helps cast a wide net. We tailor our articles to your industry and target audience, writing differently for speed-readers looking for a quick answer than for thoughtful consumers who will hang in for the long read.

White-papers and Thought-Leadership

White-papers are longer, research-based articles which can have a long-term impact on your online traffic. Most commonly associated with government decision-making, white-papers have recently been making their way into all sorts of industries, such as market research and website design. Long reads and thought-leadership pieces are often relevant to readers for years to come. 

Evergreen content such as this can be periodically updated, becoming a valuable long-term source of website traffic. Other articles which build on the subject can refer back to these, creating those internal links and referring domains that make your website more attractive to search engine crawlers.

By publishing something reliable and expansive, your domain becomes a resource for others in your industry, gaining your company relevance and expert reputation.

Sharing is Caring

We share all our articles widely, with a four-pronged approach to Digital PR:

  • We send your content to relevant, third party publications to get them in front of a wider audience.
  • Email newsletters invite people to read your content with a more personal approach. This targets an audience that has already opted to hear from you and is invested in the solutions you can provide.
  • Social Media posts which link to your content engage your followers and encourage sharing. We especially like to help you start a conversation, so tap into relevant trending topics on your social platforms to put your brand in the right place.
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing generates paid placements on search engine results and social media pages. These placements work because their definitions allow us to target an audience by demographic traits and get your perfect audience interested in you.

For all clients, we produce a monthly content marketing Key Product Indicator (KPI) report. This shows the impact of our content on organic traffic and KPIs, keeping our clients informed.

Get Your Brand Noticed with Creative Content Marketing from Ingeniums

We’re a growing team and a new company. Finding us through a search engine is proof that our creative content marketing gets results. 

Whether you’re trying to get people to notice you or looking to reframe your brand identity, content marketing puts you in the path of a highly specific audience. Ingeniums is an agency providing innovations in content marketing to cut through the noise.

Explore our articles and see how we work – if you like what you see, contact us to discuss a content strategy for your website.